Friday, October 30, 2009

run for a safe climate

27 Days
6,000 KM
25 Runners

A team of 25 trained runners from across the emergency services are running a relay over six thousand kilometres to link Australia's communities, agricultural regions, coastal areas, water supplies and ecosystems at great risk through global warming, as well as the great clean energy and climate solutions that are a key to a safe climate future for Australia.

From the heat of Far North Queensland, to the Coorong lakes in SA and the Victorian Alps, Run for a Safe Climate with more than 20 community events and forums along the route is very likely coming to a town near you!

Want to know more, visit

Our emergency services workers are our climate front line. They tackle our intensifying fires, floods, storms and the medical fallout of these events. They’re running because they understand the risk and safety issues that global warming is creating and they want to make a difference.

The run is a unique and powerful way to take the Safe Climate message out into the community, so get our there and support our emergency workers in their quest. You can participate or sponsor a runner, become a fan or just spread the message.

These people bear the brunt of the climate emergencies and want to make a difference. Support them today – you can….

1. Attend local run events in your area:
2. RSVP and tell your friends about the Run at at:
3. Tune into
4. Become a fan on
5. Sponsor the run or one of the runners

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

community safety expo – 7 November

stop press stop press stop press
Eastern Transport Coalition’s Monster Petition to make a cameo appearance at Community Safety Expo.

The Shire of Yarra Ranges has organised a Community Safety Expo at Lillydale Lake on the 7th November.

The day consists of emergency and safety demonstrations, including police helicopter, fire trucks, Your Emergency Services@Work, Red Cross, Animal Aid, Road Safety, Jaws of Life, water and quad bike safety.

You can get advice about development your Bushfire Survival Plan and try out the CFAs new online tool to assess how safe your home is in a fire.

There’s something for the kids too, they can meet the CFA’s very own Captain Koala, participate in the Passport to Safety activity, go in the CFA’s smokehouse and get down low and go, go, go, theres prizes and much, much more.

Now that the ETC’s Monster Petition will be at the expo, you will also be able to sign the petition to tell government you want improved public transport in the East. If you’d like to know more about the petition click

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

seville supermarket rezoning application

Report from the roundtable – 27 Oct

At this week’s council meeting we had to consider an application for a supermarket specialty shops, petrol station, car wash and car parking in Seville. The application also proposed a rezoning of residential land to a business zone.

I could not support the application. I had grave concerns that the development would be a wholesale transformation of the township of Seville. I asked councillors if we want a retail development of 4,897 square metres in Seville? I didn’t think we would.

Seville is described in our Regional Strategy Plan as a ‘local centre’. These centres have a primary role of providing for daily convenience needs and it is prescribed that they will generally have a floorspace of less than 2,500 square metres. 4,897 square metres is well over this limit. Our Municipal Strategic Statement identifies Seville as a ‘rural township’, essentially a dormitory residential area with small commercial centres servicing local needs. This application is not a good fit with a rural township.

I also had concerns about the blank wall residents on Britton Road would have to contend with, the sheer scale of the development would fundamentally change the scale and character of the town centre and their outlook of the world.

I have concerns that on an already congested road, large volumes of traffic will be generated causing even more delays and congestion on the Warburton Highway.

I cannot agree to rezone residential land so close to a township to business for this sort of overdevelopment, the residential land, which is currently vacant, could be used to develop 11 residential blocks or something like aged care accommodation, a far more appropriate proposition for the site.

If this supermarket application goes ahead it will be the largest supermarket in the Shire of Yarra Ranges, it is a complete overdevelopment of Seville. It is too big, I have concerns about the loss of residential land and I did not think the application had merit to be put on exhibition.

This time round the council voted to seek authorisation from the Minister of Planning to prepare and exhibit a planning scheme amendment to rezone the land and accept the concurrent planning application for the supermarket, specialty shops, petrol station, car wash and car parking.

It was one other councillor and myself who opposed the motion.

(note: Cr McRae was an apology for this council meeting)

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dust suppression triples

report from the roundtable - 27 Oct

It was with great pleasure that I moved a motion to triple the amount of unsealed roads treated under the Shire's Dust Suppression Program.

Dust gets into everything, the washing, the windows, residents on dirt roads get covered with dust. Based on the trials of Roadseal 201 residents will enjoy less dusty summers.

The Shire has been trialling a new product and incorporated it into our grading program. This means that rather than treating on 10% of dirt roads in the shire, now 30% of roads will be treated for dust suppression.

Time and time again residents have raised the issue of dust from unsealed roads with me. Now the weather is a lot drier residents start to experience large quantities of dust from October onwards. The recent rains have given residents a bit of a reprieve but in the height of summer roads become very dusty.

It is expected that the new product will improve the stability of the road as well as suppressing the dust from the roads. The program will treat all unsealed road sections that carry more than 150 vehicles a day and will include collector roads.

Councillors supported the motion unanimously.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

helen caldicott coming to belgrave – 15 Nov

I was pleased to help sponsor Clean Energy, a forum where Dr Helen Caldicott will talk about why nuclear is not the best option for energy production.

This event will inspire individuals to make a stand and have some input into the direction of their own future.

You will hear how individuals can make a difference
You will hear about the advantages of renewable energy Dr Helen Caldicott will explain why nuclear power is not the best option
You will know how you can make your voice heard

Back in August, 2007 I moved the following motion following an address to Council about opposition to nuclear power plants and nuclear waste from a concerned citizen.

‘That Council move a motion at the MAV State Council calling for the rejection of the location of nuclear reactors across Victoria.’

Clean Energy is an event not to be missed and we are fortunate that Dr Caldicott has agreed to come to Belgrave to speak about this issue.

when: Sunday 15th November 2009 4pm - 6pm
where: Cameo Cinema, 1628 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave, VIC
cost: Tickets at the door $15 / $10 concession / Cameo card holders (bookings not necessary)
need more info? contact Willem Oudyk - GENI Foundation on 03 9756 7307, 0418 872 400 or

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

burrinja demolition 2009 ad: a space odyssey

Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November

An intergalactic send off has been planned for Burrinja next weekend on Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November. Burrinja is soon to be a construction site as the tender is awarded for the construction of a new performing arts centre space.

Emma Johnson, resident artist, has planned DEMOLITION 2009 AD: A SPACE ODYSSEY as a celebration, send off and community arts festival extravaganza. I was pleased to be able to sponsor DEMOLITION 2009 AD: A SPACE ODYSSEY and give Burrinja a fitting farewell.

The weekend’s activities include:

Saturday 31st Oct 10am – 4pm Get into art, music, film and costume with free activities hosted by an elite space team including Alex Legg, Jurek Pajak, Glenn Scolyer, Caroline Mann, Emma Johnson, Isha Molloy, Skeeter, Jess Andrews, Sarah Louise Ricketts, Jenny Hall, Roxanne Hull, Gabby Willmott and even more…..

Saturday 31st Oct 7pm – 11pm
Saturday Night is beanbag night – an evening of experimental entertainment and music from local band TRIACT, byo comfort device for sitting on.

Sunday 1st November 10am – 4pm
Exactly the same as Saturday except at exactly 3:10pm for 6 minutes only participants can run amok squashing and demolishing all the creations.

I look forward to seeing you there to give Burrinja a fitting farewell for now.

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selby spring arts and music festival – a hit

Well done to organisers of the Selby spring arts and music festival. An annual event, now in its 9th year was a wonderful showcase of local art, music and spring flowers. Organisers were kept busy with locals coming to hear and see what Selby had to offer.

Therese Trigg, now a Selby local, played with the Melbourne City Opera Orchestra before deciding to start her own local business.

The All Saints Carlotta Tye Memorial Anglican Church was abuzz with musical performances throughout the weekend and beautiful displays of spring blooms. Whilst the hall was jam packed with works from local artists. It was a great festival and it was wonderful to listen to the Therese Trigg and her trio.

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children’s week kicks off at burrinja

Today at Burrinja, Kidsfest Children’s Market and an all day community art project marked the start of Children’s Week. Hosted by Sherbrooke Children’s Centre, the market had something for the whole family. Get into Art was a great opportunity for children to get their hands dirty in the Play with Clay. Children relished the opportunity to create all manner of objects from modelling clay, from toadstools to solar systems, dragons to planes.

A number of activities have been planned across the shire for children’s week including the launch of the Shire’s draft Family and Children’s Strategy on Wednesday 28th Oct at Lillydale Lake as part of the Teddy Bear’s concert.

Click on the image for more details of events across the shire.

I am keen to hear what families think of our draft Family and Children’s Strategy as your input is important to held shape the future for children in the shire. I have been part of the steering group and it has been a great consultative process to date with much input from families, children and service providers.

I look forward to finding out what you think about our draft Family and Children’s Strategy.

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Yesterday was the International Day of Climate Change Action organised by People across the world in 187 countries organised events to show their government leaders that they want action and realistic targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions so carbondioxide levels in the atmosphere are brought back to 350 parts per million (CO2 is currently sitting at 387ppm).

I, along with the Southern Dandenongs Community Nursery, was pleased to donate 350 plants to hand out to locals as part of the event.

Belgrave hosted its own event with locals near and far coming out to write messages on leaves sewn onto a community tree banner.

I spoke at the event and talked about the urgent need for action on climate change now. People are angry and frustrated at the lack of action on climate change and I urged them to channel their passion and energy into changing the political will of government.

Over one hundred people came out to march around Belgrave to show their support to I have heard that some believe this is a federal issue, and yes is specifically targeted at the federal levels of government who will be going to Copenhagen to negotiate world targets to address climate change.

Climate Change is a matter for all tiers of government and requires a whole of government and community response if we are going to see the sort of cuts required to ensure our ongoing wellbeing. It is up to all of us to take action.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

belgrave south & heights sewerage gets closer

Today I went along to the community consultations about the proposed sewerage program for Belgrave South and Heights being held by South East Water.

The project has been brought forward on the sewerage backlog program because of the significant environmental benefits it will deliver to waterways and the environment in the region. The sewer system being proposed is called a hybrid system. Most of the system will be pumped under pressure and directed towards Zigzag Road, where it will then become a gravity flow system down to the valley to the existing sewer at Birdsland.

From left to right: Cr Samantha Dunn – Lyster Ward councillor, Gordon Burr – Project Manager Pressure Systems South East Water and Barbara Ferry-Smith Manager Customer Relations South East Water.

Engineers for the project advise that they plan to install most of the pipes by directional boring, rather than open cut trenching as this helps avoid impact on vegetation, however boring could be challenging given the amount of rocky terrain in the region.

South East Water will take core samples every three to five hundred metres to try to ascertain what techniques they will need to use to install the system. I have been told that approximately 30 trees will require removal as part of the project, however I’ve yet to see details about what trees and where. The sewerage project will need to come to council for planning approval.

On day one of the weekend consultation over 200 community members attended to find out more about the program. Residents were very positive about the program, many not believing they would ever see sewerage come to Belgrave South. I congratulate South East Water for their efforts in getting the message out there to community members.

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bunkering down

report from the roundtable – 13 Oct

At this council meeting I raised the issue of private fire bunkers. I’ve been very concerned that residents are installing bunkers across the Dandenongs with no clear regulations about their efficacy.

In the Black Saturday fires seven people died in three different locations in fire bunkers and I do not want more to see more people suffer the same fate.

Fire bunker ads are appearing everywhere, with no construction standards in place this is very concerning.

In August the Building Commissioner called for an urgent investigation into fire bunkers, in September the Royal Commission said regulations into fire bunkers can’t wait until they hand down their next recommendations, in October the ACCC announced it was taking action against false claims in relation to bunker safety.

I thought it was important that Yarra Ranges Council added its voice and concern about the lack of guidelines and regulations governing the construction of bunkers and moved the following motion:

That Council write to the State Government, with a copy to local State Parliamentarians, requesting that guidelines and regulations governing the construction and installation of private bushfire bunkers be developed as a matter of urgency.

The motion was supported unanimously.

It is a critical issue for all Victorians in high fire danger regions and it must be given the most urgent attention.

Death fear over Yarra Valley fire bunkers
19 Oct 09 by Bryan Allchin

'Fiery tomb' fears for bunkers
20 Oct 09 by Gilbert Gardiner

Bunker mentality
20 Oct 09 by Tania Martin

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Monday, October 12, 2009

selby's map a marvel

This morning I presented the students and teachers at Selby Primary School with the inaugural Best HabitAT Map award as part of the Shire of Yarra Ranges Learning for Sustainability Program.

Me pictured with the dedicated teachers of Selby Primary Schools and Learning for Sustainability officers from the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

Selby Primary School’s winning HabitAT Map entry involved a team of grade 3 and 4 students who called themselves the ‘SWAT Squad’ (Saving Wildlife and Trees). The team of students conducted an audit of their school ground’s habitat value using the HabitAT School Census; a biodiversity audit tool for schools which includes student worksheets and teacher notes made available through the Shire’s Environment Department.

The SWAT Team - Saving Wildlife and Trees.

The SWAT team then began to plan improvements to the quality of their local habitat using the school’s own fauna database and a flora list obtained from the Yarra Ranges Plant Directory on the Council’s website. The plan is an amazing mural including a replica of puffing billy, whose wheel’s detail the many elements required to improve the school’s sustainability. It is truly breathtaking.

Their plan is assisting students to make informed decisions about what to plant to encourage wildlife back into their school grounds.

This 5 metre mural was Selby Primary's stunning entry to the HabitAT Awards.

It was a great pleasure to present the school with a beautiful perpetual trophy, crafted by local scrap metal artist from Yarra Glen, Justin Purser. The school also received:
An enlarged photograph of an aspect of the school's habitat, highlighting the school's success in the HabitAT School Award, plus
$700 worth of materials provided by the Shire's Ribbons of Green program for additional understorey plants or mulch for projects within the school, plus
$400 provided by the Shire's Learning for Sustainability schools program (within existing budget). Each application must specify how the school wishes to spend these funds to enhance on-ground works and/or student learning in the field of biodiversity, plus
A choice between an excursion or incursion run by one of the supporting environmental education partners (including Natural Resource Conservation League (NRCL based at Warburton Water Wheel), Healesville Sanctuary, Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater (based in Macclesfield) and the Learning for Sustainability team (SYR)

The primary school children are very enthusiastic about their environment, their entry into the HabitAT award was outstanding and shows their great passion and commitment to improving habitat on their school grounds. Our future is in good hands.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009 in belgrave

The 24th October is International Day of Action for Climate Change. I was proud to support a local event in Belgrave by providing native plants to hand out to passers by.

Current science is suggesting 350 parts per million (ppm) of carbon in the atmosphere is the target needed to avoid runaway climate change. The world’s atmosphere is currently at 386ppm and the Federal Government is using 450ppm as their goal for greenhouse gas reductions. 450ppm is too high and we must strive for lower levels of carbon in our atmosphere.

"we know what the problem is
we have the technology to fix it
but where is the political will?
Saving the world is a job for everyone"

Kristy Henderson was at the Belgrave Bazaar Market on Saturday encouraging locals to complete a ‘leaf’ in response to climate change. Leaves will be sewn onto a Communal Climate Change Tree Banner. If you haven’t got a leaf and would like one, visit Jane at Local and Global in Belgrave.

I encourage you to come along, the event starts 11am at Belgrave Library followed by parade and procession to James Merlino's office on Burwood Highway. Activities include a BBQ and massive chalk up, there’s also a Best Banner Competition (make your own and prize given out for the best).

It is time to show government that we want action and real targets that will start to address the ever increasing carbon levels in our atmosphere.

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fire forum, emerald

Today I attended a bushfire forum held by Tammy Lobato (MP for Gembrook) in Emerald. Speakers included the CFA, Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner, Joe Buffone who spoke about warnings, fire index levels and communication, there were also presentations by DSE and the Shire of Cardinia.

Joe Buffone, talked about the need for a whole of community approach to prepare for the fire season. He also talked about the new warnings and communication strategies for bushfire as well.

The new Household Bushfire Self Assessment Tool available on the CFA website was also highlighted. It is a step by step tool to assess your risk and will help you inform your fire plan.

It is a great initiative, Tammy is holding another forum in the Shire of Yarra Ranges too, details are:
When: 12 noon to 4:30pm, Sunday 18th October
Where:Upper Yarra Arts Centre Mechanics Institute, Warburton Hwy, Warburton (Melways ref: 290 B4 – google maps

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landcare plants up emerald

Today I dropped in on the John’s Hill Landcare group who were celebrating 7 years of work in the local region. The festivities including planting up behind the scout hall in Emerald, ably assisted by the first Selby Scouts, a walk Hogans Park to see the wildflowers and a talk by John Hick from Trust for Nature about the Trust and about their work on addressing climate change by capturing carbon in new plantings.

The John’s Hill Landcare group are a well oiled machine, after digging holes, a spoon of water crystals go in, then the plant goes in with a weed mat fitted over the top. Here I am on water crystal duties. This planting included grasses, understorey plants and a few canopy trees too.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

burning off, how to work out windspeed?

When the new open air burning local law came into effect a new provision was that no burning be undertaken when wind speeds are greater than 15kph.

But how do you tell?

I have found the easiest way is to check the Bureau of Meteorology’s website and look up the Dunn’s Hill weather station (see
link) or for those in the southern reaches of the shire it’s worthwhile checking a local weather station located at Hancock’s Daffodil Farm in Menzies Creek (see link).

In Residential Bushland areas (most of the Dandenong Ranges) burning off for fire reduction purposes is allowed only on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 8am and 6pm. Fires must be extinguished no later than 6pm.

Other laws that apply to burning off in Residential Bushland, Urban and Rural zones across the Shire include:

No lighting fires on Sundays.
No lighting fires on Smog Alert Days.
No lighting fires on Total Fire Ban Days.
No lighting fires during the Declared Fire Danger Period without a permit.
Burning off is permitted for fuel reduction purposes only.
Never burn when the wind speed is more than 15km/h.
Fires must be supervised at all times by an adult.
Water supply from a hose or a container with at least 10 litres of water must be available at the site of the fire.
A fire must not cause nuisance through excessive smoke outside of a property boundary or create a hazard on a public highway.
Burning wet or green vegetation and other materials which produce excessive smoke is prohibited.

Don’t know if you live in a Residential Bushland, Urban or Rural zone? Then check the maps in the Shire’s guide to the Open Air Burning Local law, visit this
link to find out more.

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clean up for fire season - free green waste tipping

Residents can now take advantage of free green waste tipping across the Shire of Yarra Ranges. From the 10th October through to the 8th November residents can take their green waste to Coldstream, Healesville, Wesburn and Lysterfield Transfer Stations for no charge.

I encourage residents to take up the offer to make their properties free of fire fuels. Now is the time we should all be making a concerted effort to remove bark, leaves, twigs and dead undergrowth around our properties.

Over the weekend Selby CFA, along with environmentalists and local residents, raked up fire fuels and then burnt them along the weedier edges of the Selby Park. This is a follow on from the work the brigade has done along Nation Road. This project is being considered as a pilot for other appropriate sites in the shire. It is a great example of agencies, environmentalists and residents working together to make communities more fire safe.

Like many Shire reserves, Selby Park contains some very significant flora and high conservation areas, these areas were carefully raked to remove fire fuels without compromising the environmental values of the site. Here myself, the CFA, Shire and local environmental expert, Darcy Duggan, discuss the level of fire fuel required to be cleared to achieve a reduced fire load without compromising the environment.
It was a great example of agencies working together to achieve a positive outcome for our community.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

sherbrooke community school plans for habitat

Earlier this week I had the great pleasure attending Sherbrooke Community School to see them receive the inaugural Best HabitAT Plan award as part of the Shire of Yarra Ranges Learning for Sustainability Program.

The school was presented with a stunning perpetual trophy and a range of other prizes in recognition of their efforts towards sustainability, through the protection and enhancement of their school’s environmental habitat.

From left to right: Year 11 teacher Denise Dempster, Year 11 student Robert Pergl and Cr Samantha Dunn. Denise has a very keen and committed group of students who have worked hard to plan a wildlife corridor through the school.

The other winning schools, Mountain District Christian School was presented with its award in the HabitAT Action category and I will be presenting Selby Primary School with their HabitAT Map award at assembly on Monday morning (12/10).

The Council’s HabitAT School Awards competition was launched this year as part of Yarra Ranges Learning for Sustainability school program, in partnership with Healesville Sanctuary, Threatened Species Network (WWF-Australia), Natural Resources Conservation League and Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater.

The awards highlight the environmental achievements of Yarra Ranges schools and their work towards improving local ecosystems.

Independent judges, including representatives from Natural Resources Conservation League, Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater and Friends of Leadbeaters Possum, selected the winning schools for each of the three categories: HabitAT Map, HabitAT Plan and HabitAT Action.

Last Tuesday was a fitting day for Sherbrooke Community School to receive its award, being World Habitat Day. Sherbrooke Community School have a great commitment to sustainability and their work on involved protecting some indigenous vegetation the students identified on their school grounds to provide a corridor for wildlife from the Dandenong Ranges National Park to the Sassafras Creek Reserve

They are an inspiration to others and worthy award recipients.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

free trees for ribbons of green

If you’d like to participate in Yarra Ranges’ Ribbons of Green program then you have till November this year to order your trees. Indigenous tube stock can be ordered for planting on both public and private land as part of the project.

The Ribbons of Green program has been developed to assist schools and private landholders establish bush style habitat, the program also assists community groups who revegetate council land.

Originally developed to reduce council’s Co2 emissions from our fleet vehicles (heavy and light), the program has developed into a more complex planting program to enrich biodiversity, so not only trees are planted, but valuable understorey plants are part of the program too.

Ribbons of Green is a program that focuses on a myriad of different issues including linking existing habitats, erosion controls, weed reduction and stock shelter.

The program has been immensely successful, this year 75,000 indigenous tube stock was planted on private and public land.

If you are interested in participating contact David Carr on or phoning 1300 368 333.

Free tree guards, stakes and weed mats are also be available to help the plants establish in the ground, as well as advice on how to prepare sites for planting, controlling weeds and selecting appropriate species for different locations.

Applications are assessed on the environmental benefits that can be achieved from the site, so existing vegetation, property size, land use and linkages with state or national parks and waterways will be considered as part of the assessment process.

If you’re interested get your application in soon!

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Monday, October 05, 2009

belgrave rec reserve gets droughtproofed

Work is set to begin on a major oval renovation for Belgrave. The works include converting the ground to summer, drought tolerant grasses and improving drainage at the ground.

The old surface will be removed and a new surface constructed then warm season grass will be sown. Warm season grasses require less watering and provide a better quality, longer lasting surface.

The surface needs time to establish so it won’t be able to be used by cricket and football in the short term. However the short term pain will bring long term gains as Belgrave has a more drought tolerant, better quality ground for our community.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

rod quantock, oxfam and climate change

Last night I went along to Rod Quantock’s show Bugger the Polar Bears, This is Serious, a fundraiser for the Dandenong Ranges branch of Oxfam. Oxfam spoke about the Sisters on the Planet campaign and showed the plight of Ursula from the Carteret Islands in the Pacific. The islands are being inundated due to sea level rise and Ursula is actively seeking higher ground on behalf of her community.

Rod Quantock's show, although hilarious, addressed the very serious matter of climate change. Rod took us on a riotous journey including an interactive time scale from the big bang through to today, a sample of the mainstream media and climate science in a way only he can. He also shared his passion for passionfruit sponges, only wish I had one to give him!

The Carterets are a small group of islands off Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. The community has built sea walls and planted mangrove trees, but they cannot stop the erosion from eating away the shoreline and destroying their gardens. “We have lost our staple food crop, which is swamp taro. We can grow a bit of bananas, but that’s also going down,” Ursula explains.

Islanders are surviving on fish and coconut. Ursula’s people are being forced to migrate, but she is determined they will have a place to go where their culture and dignity are preserved. She has set up an organisation called Tulele Peisa, or “Sailing the waves on
our own”, to coordinate the relocation. They have secured land in the Tinputz district of Bougainville and are moving forward with plans to build houses.

Ursula’s story highlights the need for urgent action to address our ever increasing rise in greenhouse gas emissions. Rod’s show did the same thing too, in a very funny, yet serious way.

We cannot sit back, we all need to act to ensure those in power know we demand action now, our children’s very existence depends on it.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

selby cfa – cleaning up for community

The Selby CFA are being very proactive in the lead up to this year’s fire season. Concentrating in areas where residential properties and bush (reserves and forests) intersect, the brigade has sought permission to conduct burning off activities from the Shire, Parks Victoria and the CFA. I was very happy to support their positive actions.

The Brigade has spent many volunteer hours raking up bark, twigs and dead undergrowth then burning them off to reduce the amount of fire fuel at the residential interface.

Selby CFA cleaning up today on Nation Road where Sherbrooke Forest is on one side of the road, people's houses on the other.
The brigade is concentrating on Nation Road and Selby Park on the Belgrave Gembrook Road.

It’s a great initiative and once again highlights the commitment of CFA members to their local community – well done Selby CFA!

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

desal doco coming to dandenongs

Magpie House is showing Out of the Blue, the Bass Coast Desalination Plant documentary. Out of the Blue is made by professional film-maker Jeremy Loftus-Hills and follows the difficulties a community environment group has in opposing a government not prepared to listen.

Magpie House, 48 Main Street, Upwey

7:30pm Saturday 10th October

by donation

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