Tuesday, July 31, 2012

samantha in the press - tecoma

Colour their world
Yarra Ranges Weekly
31 July 2012

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

southern dandenongs community nursery in good hands

SDCN President Garrique Pergl, Malcolm
Legg - Zoologist and Cr Samantha Dunn at
SDCN recent AGM.
It's always a delight to attend local AGMs, it's there where you see community passion in action. The AGM for the Southern Dandenongs Community Nursery was no exception.

The SDCN organised for Malcolm Legg, Zoologist to speak about is experiences with feral animal control. Malcolm talked about the importance of weed eradication and pest animal control as both keys to halt species decline and althought there's been a lot of focus on weeds there hasn't been the same on feral animals.

It was a fascinating talk and certainly engaged the huge turn out the AGM.

When it came to election time, you couldn't hold back the enthusiasm. Seven people put up their hand for the general membership, a terrific response. I'm pleased to report that the committee 2012 are:

President: Garrique Pergl
Treasurer: Rhonda Adams
Secretary/Public Officer: Michael Butler
General Members:
Ian Rainbow
Carolyn Mann
Adam Kloppenberg
Anton Pergl
Robert Pergl
Leslie Wilson
Paul Birch.

Congratulations to all of you. Your dedication to growing indigenous plants for the people of the Dandenongs is inspiring.

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samantha in the press

Meddling Greens refuse to adopt policy of common sense
Herald Sun
by Miranda Devine
29 July 2012

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Friday, July 27, 2012

hills hoists the arts

Hills Hoisters and sponsors. From left to right:
Sound Engineer Dave Stergo, presenter Emma Johnson,
Cr Samantha Dunn - Yarra Ranges, performer
Carolyn Oates, presenter Jenny Hall, Community
Broadcasting Foundation rep Jon King and
Cr Graham Legge - Cardinia.
It's been terrific to be able to sponsor the Live Sessions on local radio station 3MDR, Hills Hoist show. The Live Sessions give local artists the chance to not only play live but they get a copy of their session which they can use into the future.

The Hills Hoist do a great job of showcasing local arts happenings in the Dandenong Ranges, it's great to be able to provide a helping hand to our local musos, who might not have an opportunity to record themselves.

I congratulate 3MDR and Hills Hoist driver, Emma Johnson, for their passion and enthusiasm for the local arts scene. They do a great job promoting the myriad of local arts events, no matter what the medium.

You can tune into the Hills Hoist every Friday at 1pm on 97.1FM (or stream here).

Hills Hoist thank their sponsors on youtube.

My attempt of reading the giguide on youtube.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

it's a fin free ranges

report from the roundtable - 24 jul

At this week's council meeting I moved a motion about Shark Fin Products in the Yarra Ranges. The motion came about from the advocacy efforts of Jordan Crook, Yarra Ranges Young Environmental Achiever of the Year.

I'm pleased to say that the motion was supported unanimously by councillors in what is an Australian first.

Jordan has created the advocacy group, Fin Free Ranges, to rid the Shire of Yarra Ranges of imported shark fin products, including shark fin soup.

Jordan wants to raise awareness of the plight of the world's Sharks and the impact of shark finning on the population of this apex predator, starting with the third tier of government, Yarra Ranges Council.

I've been impressed by the way Jordan has engaged with local government, he's a great young leader and his perseverance to this cause is a testament to his commitment to environmental issues.

As part of council's commitment to Fin Free Ranges we will be writing to businesses in Yarra Ranges that serve Shark Fin Soup as well as the Federal Minister for Environment, Tony Burke, to encourage banning the importation of shark fin, shark fin products and shark fin derivative products into Australia. To encourage other councils to follow suit we will also be writing to councils throughout Australia so they are aware of the issue as well as the two local government peak bodies in Victoria, the VLGA and the MAV.

I wish Jordan and Fin Free Ranges all the best in their efforts to stop the barbaric practice of Shark Finning.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

time to truly commit to rowville and doncaster


Government transport  priorities fly in the face of good process

Indications that the Baillieu Government has prioritised a rail link to Avalon Airport over the Doncaster and Rowville rail lines makes a mockery of the transport planning process, the Eastern Transport Coalition said yesterday.

ETC Chairperson Cr Samantha Dunn said it was also a slap in the face to thousands of people in Melbourne’s east who have been faithfully contributing to discussions and studies into Doncaster and Rowville rail, anticipating that they will see them realised in the foreseeable future.

The government’s priorities were revealed last week after federal advisory agency Infrastructure Australia rejected the State Government's request to finance a study ino the Avalon link, syaing that based on the nubmer of people using it, "It doesn't seem to have any strategic value at all".

“The Coalition Government has promised $50 million towards the Avalon project, while they are yet to commit to the second stage of the Rowville Rail study and before the results of the Doncaster rail study are known,” Cr Dunn said.

Avalon Airport currently sevice about 550,000 passengers a year. A study into Rowville Rail found that by 2046, it would attract 68,000 passengers per day, or around 25 million passengers per year.
"The Government claims that building Avalon rail is about forward planning - well it was forward planning when the centre median of the Eastern Freeway was reserved for a Doncaster rail line and plans for Rowville have been revisited and shelved for about 50 years.

"Residents in Melbourne's east deserve better and have waited a long time for a government to deliver better."

“The ETC understands that upgrading the rail network with the metro tunnel, completing further grade separations and providing an alternative for east/west freight movements will need to occur to alleviate traffic bottlenecks around Melbourne and to ensure that Doncaster and Rowville rail can operate at peak efficiency."

“It is impossible to see the strategic benefit of prioritising Avalon above any of these projects.

Cr Dunn said public transport around Melbourne has been underfunded and important projects like Rowville Rail and Doncaster Rail have been put in the too-hard basket for too long.

“In the past year, feasibility studies have begun for both these projects, which is a great start, but what we need is a commitment from the government to take the next step and commit funding to build them,” she said.

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samantha in the press - mcdonalds

Ronald round up
Mail Newspapers
by Casey Neill
25 July 2012

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samantha in the press - local economy

Mixed emotions on trade
Mail Newspapers
by Casey Neill
25 July 2012

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

samantha in the press - vlga

Taking up Mornington Peninsula challenges
Peninsula Weekly
by Samantha Robin
25 July 2012

Hard work and a little fun for Frankston's Mayor
Frankston Weekly
24 July 2012

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community loads slingshot

The No Maccas in the Hills group are encouraging community members to attend the upcoming VCAT hearing for McDonalds in Tecoma.

There's no doubt this has been a David and Goliath battle with the next battle scene set for Monday 6 August at VCAT.

It would be terrific to see as many community members as possible attend the hearing as a show of support for those people who are submitting on behalf of the community. It would be a great morale boost for them to be supported by a gallery of community members.

TVAG and No Maccas in the Hills have said "the community has worked tirelessly to voice their opposition to this development, put in hundreds of unpaid, after hours work and fundraised to mount this battle. While round one resulted in council unanimously rejecting McDonalds development, round two at VCAT is critical"

I will be attending the VCAT hearings, I hope you can too.

Details are:
When: Monday 6 Aug to Monday 13 Aug from 10am to 4pm
Where: VCAT, 55 King Street, Melbourne
Commuting: last carriage Belgrave Train departing 8:31am (8:33 – Tecoma, 8:35 – Upwey, 8:39 - UFTG)

I also know that No Maccas in the Hills are fundraising to pay for some planning expertise, if you'd like to know more click here

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Monday, July 23, 2012

community grants awards night

What a terrific night tonight at the Mooroolbark Community Centre. Tonight was the Grants for Community Awards night and it was wonderful to celebrate the diversity of projects successful for shire funding through our Community Grants program.
Some of the Lyster Ward Community Grant recipients.
From left to right: Sue Clisby - Dandenong Ranges
Music Council, Cr Samantha Dunn - Lyster Ward,
Marina Dennis - Belgrave Buskers Festival, Dave
Millar - Selbyfest and Renate Crow - Belgrave
Lantern Parade.
I was delighted to be able to personally hand out certificates to successful applicants from the Lyster Ward.
Local artist, Pauline Molenaar, Kallista Kindergarten Director
Lu-Ann Randall and Cr Samantha Dunn - Lyster Ward.
Kallista Kindergarten are very excited about their
artist in residence project to develop a community mosaic.
I was impressed by the breadth of projects being undertaken in 2012/13 throughout the hills. It's a place a great creativity and this is reflected in the grants awarded.

Peter McIlwain is the creative behind Imaginary Ornithology,
a project that centres on computer generated sound art
that includes software models of birds. These models
 create a range of bird sounds but have the curious property

that none of the sounds exist in the real world.
Lyster Ward recipients include:
  • Dandenong Ranges Music Council - Sunnysiders, a celebration in Kallista
  • Pocket Bonfire - Three One Six Oh! Film Festival no. 8
  • Belgrave Community Arts Partnership - Belgrave Lantern Parade
  • Belgrave Trader's Association - Belgrave Buskers' Festival
  • Selby Community House - Selbyfest
  • Belgrave Survival Day - Belgrave Survival Day 2012
  • Southern Dandenongs Landcare Group - Awesome Ornithoryhynkids Festival 2012
  • Peter McIlwain - Imaginary Ornithology
  • Kallista Kindergarten - Kallista Kinder Art Incubator Project
  • Kierea Brew Kurec - Belgrave Temporary Art Gallery
I look forward to seeing this fabulous range of community projects develop to provide wonderful opportunities for people in the Dandenongs.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

samantha in the press - bushfire preparedness

Bundling of aerial cables in Yarra Ranges
Leader Newspapers
by Laura Armitage
22 July 2012

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

eco dev - what do you think?

Economic Development Strategy out for comment

The Draft Economic Development Policy and Strategy is now out for comment.

The Local Economy, Agriculture and Tourism have been identified by Council as one of its five key strategic focus areas in its Council Plan. The Draft Economic Development Policy and Strategy is a core part of this focus and articulates Council’s role in facilitating innovation through local skills, business and employment.

Over the last eighteen months the Economic Development team has been assessing the opportunities that exist for Council to continue to add value to the sustainability of local business and employment. Several significant projects have been undertaken to help inform this process. 

This work has guided the development of a ten-year Council Policy and Strategy. The Policy outlines Council’s vision for the local economy focusing on sustainable economic development and innovation as a means to support key industry sectors.

The Draft Strategy is divided into three key areas:

1. Global Trends and Positions - that outlines what will be required to make Yarra Ranges an “iReady” economy through soft and hard infrastructure.

2. Strategic Sectors - identifies five key sectors that are current and future drivers of the local economy in manufacturing, retail, home based and small business, agribusiness and health.

3. Target Sectors – industries that have significant growth potential matched to the regions natural and human capital assets including tourism and community business and social enterprise.

You can download a copy of the Draft Economic Development Strategy here.

We'd love to hear what you think.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

no shark fin for yarra ranges?

At next week's council meeting (24/7) I'll be moving a motion in relation to shark fin products.

Cr Samantha Dunn and the Yarra Ranges Young
Environmental Achiever of the Year for 2011,
Jordan Crook.
The current Yarra Ranges Young Environmental Achiever of the Year, Jordan Crook, is embarking on a new project, Fin Free Ranges. Jordan wants to raise awareness of the plight of the world's Sharks and the impact of shark finning on the population of this apex predator. With Fin Free Ranges Jordan aims to rid the Shire of Yarra Ranges of Shark Fin Soup and contacted me to ask if council could assist him in his efforts.

I'm told by Jordan this motion is a first for Australia. I'm delighted to be able to bring this motion before Yarra Ranges councillors for their consideration.

Jordan continues to be a leader in our community on environmental matters and his latest initiative, Fin Free Ranges, is another example of his passion for the broader environment.

Jordan's actions are commendable and his passion for environment has made him a worthy winner of Young Environmental Achiever of the Year in the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

I wholeheartedly support Jordan and Fin Free Ranges and certainly hope my colleagues support Jordan as well by voting in favour of the motion.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

samantha in the press - swinburne

Ready for uni fight
Mail Newspapers
by Emma Sun
18 July 2012

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make your vote count for public transport The Eastern Transport Coalition is urging voters in the Melbourne by-election to make their vote count for better public transport.

ETC Chairperson Cr Samantha Dunn said an integrated and effective public transport system was vital for Melbourne, and voters had the chance to make their priorities known by voting first for those candidates who put public transport first.

“Public transport has been underfunded and important projects like Rowville Rail and Doncaster Rail have been put in the too-hard basket for too long,” Cr Dunn said.

“In the past year, feasibility studies have begun for both these projects, which is a great start, but what we need is a commitment from the government to take the next step and build them.

“There will always be competing public infrastructure interests, such as the recently proposed East West Tunnel. However, these should not take priority over critical public transport projects which remain the most cost-effective way to solve the problems of our growing city.”

Several of the by-election candidates contacted by the ETC agreed that an improved public transport system was the most cost effective way to solve the problems of our growing city.

Greens candidate Cathy Oke, Dr Berhan Ahmen and Adrian Whitehead also agreed that Doncaster Rail and Rowville Rail were essential public transport projects for Melbourne’s eastern region, particularly as fuel prices continue to rise.

“The community needs to realise that building more roads does not relieve congestions – it only encourages more cars onto the road network. We acknowledges that there may be a strategic need for an East-West tunnel for freight, but only Doncaster Rail will actually reduce the number of cars using the Eastern Freeway,” Cr Dunn said.

“This means the centre median of the freeway, which was reserved for a rail line when it was constructed, must be retained. Without it, the opportunity for a Doncaster railway line may be lost to the community forever.”

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Monday, July 16, 2012

samantha in the press - vlga

Run for Bayside Council for 'right reasons'
Bayside Leader
by Jon Andrews
16 July 2012

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warburton environment takes the lead

I was delighted to be invited to talk at a recent Warburton Environment General Meeting. I was asked specifically to speak about the Shire's Ethical Paper Pledge, which council committed to in April, 2011.

Outgoing Warburton Environment President,
Keith Sarah, Cr Samantha Dunn and incoming
President Karina Doughty.
The meeting was very well attended by locals interested in environmental issues in the region. 

The meeting welcomed new Warburton Environment President, Karina Doughty, and paid tribute to outgoing President, Keith Sarah, who has worked tirelessly to continue to raise the issue of logging in the Warburton region of the Central Highlands.

Warburton Environment are currently lobbying VicForests to permanently remove Cement Creek and Starvation Creek from their Timber Release Plans and have an online petition you can sign. 

Warburton Environment were also the organisers for the Biggest Picnic Ever in the Forest (up near Cement Creek), designed to raise awareness about the values of the forest, the endangered species that live there and to highlight just how very precious these forests are.

If you'd like to know more about Warburton Environment or support their activities visit their website here.

If you'd like to find out about the Ethical Paper Pledge click here

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

aussie toys in store at belgrave south

It was great to visit the Belgrave South Toy Library to see the toys purchased with a grant from my Community Ward Fund.

Belgrave South Toy Library fans join Cr Samantha
Dunn and toy library president Jill Ilyes with the
new Australian toys.
Toy Library President, Jill Ilyes, is keen to re-energise the library and highlight it to families in the region. When Jill joined the library she noted that there were no Australian animal toys and no Indigenous toys either.

I was very pleased to be able to assist. It was great to see the children playing with Tasmanian Devils, Snakes, Quokkas, playing the digeridoo as well as having a great time with a family of Indigenous puppets.

Toy Libraries are a great service for families. For a small joining fee, families have access to a broad range of quality toys and educational equipment.

Not only a more sustainable way to keep your children in toys the Toy Library  can supply toys that may otherwise be beyond the means of many families. If you'd like to find out more about the Belgrave South Toy Library visit their website here

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

sherbrooke gets a new coat

I have long advocated for the retention of Roads to Recovery funding through the Federal Government, it's an important element of funding that helps Yarra Ranges Council maintain and construct the enormous network of roads in our municipality. 
Sherbrooke Road, a truly iconic road in our region.
Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke is a recent recipient of Roads to Recovery funding with a new seal being applied earlier this year. One of our most scenic roads, where tourists can see our magnificent Sherbrooke Forest up close. Located in the forest with challenging conditions, it's important that this road stays well maintained.

Back in 2011 Yarra Ranges Council joined a national campaign to ensure that Roads to Recovery funding was continued to help address the significant shortfall in funding for local roads.

It was very pleasing to learn that the Federal Government are continuing the program as part of the budget announcements earlier this year.
it gets done with dunn

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

women on the go get going

It was wonderful to be part of the recent Eastern Women on the Go business networking forum out at Yering.

Cr Jeanette McRae, Maree Hamilton - Network Events
Melbourne, Donna Donovan - Shire of Yarra Ranges,
Karen Ostenried - Get on Stage and Cr Samantha Dunn.
A collaboration between Yarra Ranges Council, Knox City Council and the City of Maroondah, the Women on the Go forum gives women the opportunity to discover and learn new skills, network and make new business connections.

This event was packed to the rafters, with participants keen to hear the story of Maree Hamilton, a Black Saturday survivor who has turned her life around since that time to develop her business, Network Events. Karen Ostenried, principal and founder of Get on Stage, was the other keynote speaker who wowed the audience with a high energy, jam packed presentation on how to communicate successfully. 

It was a terrific event, the level of enthusiasm high amongst participants. The next Women on the Go forum will be hosted by the Knox City Council on the 30th August, for more details click here.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

samantha in the press - vlga

Local councillors' hard work holds up the third tier
Herald Sun
opinion: Samantha Dunn
11 July, 2012

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community call for mt st leonard

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cathy Oke is the Greens candidate in the upcoming Melbourne by-election.

Cr Samantha Dunn - Yarra Ranges and Cathy Oke,
Greens candidate for the Melbourne by-election.
She's a councillor with the Melbourne City Council, has had a great record of embedding sustainability and has worked hard to keep Melbourne liveable and affordable.

On Council she's the Chair of the Future Melbourne (Eco-City) Committee, Deputy Chair of the Future Melbourne (Connected City) committee and Co-Chair of the Parks and Gardens Advisory Committee - showing a great committment to the people of the City of Melbourne.

Her work on council sees her supporting programs to ensure Melbourne is a safe, vibrant and creative city. She'd make a great local MP for Melbourne.

If you'd like to know more about Cathy click here.

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Monday, July 09, 2012

hamburger - fast food vs slow food

Rod Quantock was moderator for the debate, Fast
Food is good for you.

Hamburger, the cultural event at Burrinja over the weeked was a great success. My congratulations to the Burrinja team who were inspired to put it together.

The debating teams...from left to right:
David Jewell - TVAG, Joy Serwylo, Cr Samantha
Dunn, Rod Quantock - moderator, Paul O'Halloran
and Nick Johnson - comedian.
Fast Food Friday saw the debate, Fast Food is Good For You, moderated by Rod Quantock and a screening of Supersize Me. Compelling and many hilarious, if not dubious, reasons were put forward by both sides to argue their case. It was very entertaining, the room was packed with people who brought along their picnic dinner to start the night's entertainment.

Local artist, Joy Serwylo, put foward some
hilarious reasons as to why fast food was
good for you.
Slow Food Sunday was a different affair. Community members came to workshops to learn how to make zines, soft sculptures and collages. The key theme, the proposed McDonalds in Tecoma.

Rod Quantock presenting some of Joy's 'interesting'
graphs to prove her point of why fast food is
good for you on Fast Food Friday.
TVAG provided lunch with a sausage sizzle and scones with jam and cream. TVAG are currently raising funds along with the No Maccas in the Hills group to fund the appeal for the VCAT hearing.

If you'd like to be kept up to date with what's happening with the No Maccas in the Hills campaign you can visit their website here.
Fast Food is Good For You, the Black Box at Burrinja
was packed for a night of hilarity.

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

rowville rail benefits many

New study shows Rowville Rail benefits will far outweigh its costs

The Eastern Transport Coalition has welcomed the findings of a new economic impact study, which shows that the proposed Rowville rail line would significantly increase local employment and economic growth.

The study had been commissioned by Knox Council to measure the costs and benefits the project could be expected to generate.

The Victorian Government’s Rowville Rail study, released in March this year found that building the rail line was feasible and that once built, it would be well-used with an estimated 68,000 passengers per day.

It will also provide an essential link to Monash University, which is growing year by year and whose students are in desperate need of improved public transport.
This new study supports those finding and in fact quantifies the growth that the Knox area can expect and the flow-on effects for the broader Victorian economy.”
The report, conducted by SGS Economics and Planning, found that the rail line would result in the creation of around 280 jobs in the south east of Melbourne by 2021, and allow for an additional 410 households to be created in Knox by the same year.
It found that a rail line would accelerate overall economic growth in the region and in the 50 year period from 2021, it would provide an estimated $5 billion in environmental and economic savings, which is well above the $2.89 billion cost of constructing the project.

In the southern parts of Knox, where 90 per cent of residents rely of cars to access employment, a rail line would help to reduce road congestion and the impact of increasing fuel price on household budgets.

Given that Knox was a developed area, the growth projections were positive.

The study shows that a rail line to Rowville would deliver a moderate economic stimulus to the region, which would flow-on to benefit the whole state.

But when you are talking about delivering crucial public infrastructure, the focus shouldn't just be about economic benefits. There are social and environmental benefits that must not be ignored. This report shows that Rowville rail can deliver them all.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

samantha in the press - planning

Fire rules too harsh
Mail Newspapers
by Mara Pattison-Sowden
04 July 2012

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samantha in the press

Line trim cost prune
Mail Newspapers
by Mara Pattison-Sowden
04 July 2012

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

samantha in the press - transport

Yarra Ranges weighs up taxi zone proposals
Yarra Ranges Weekly
by Claire Thwaites
03 July 2012

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