Friday, November 30, 2007

2007 election

Getting up close and personal with a Eucalyptus Regnans (Mountain Ash) in my favourite forest, Sherbrooke.

This confirms The Australian Greens ARE the third political voice in this country.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

genetic manipulation....

Samantha says - "with an issue as critical as this it is important that you vote 1 Greens for the Senate to hold the balance of power".

Genetic Manipulation: a nation in conflict - from Bob Phelps at GeneEthics

The political parties are polarised on Genetically Manipulated (GM) crops and foods according to Gene Ethic's scorecard of party policies. This reflects the contest between the GM giants and citizens that rages in the wider community.

Voters should heed this divide when voting."The Greens topped the poll, with proactive plans to deal with GM's environment, health and economic risks on global, national and state levels," says Gene Ethics director Bob Phelps.

"Both The Greens and Democrats are responsive to the views of most farmers, food processors and shoppers, reflected in opinion poll results." For instance, these parties back full labelling of GM foods which has always had over 90% support from Australians.

"But under rules set by the Howard government, with ALP agreement, the law exempts most GM foods from any labeling."

In stark contrast to the Green and Democrats, the Coalition has sought to rule out the GM-free future that most Australians want, for the past 11 years."

The Coalition remains firmly committed to promoting the spread of GM crops and foods around the world and in Australia."This only serves the interests of foreign governments and companies."

But hundreds of Australian businesses have said they want the safety, simplicity and certainty of GM-free. Mr Phelps says: "The biggest disappointment with our survey was Labor's repeated refusal to answer our questions, leaving voters in the dark on their intentions for GM."

Despite the ALP's promise to announce a GM policy, Kevin Rudd was silent on GM when he launched their campaign ." And there are no good signs that the ALP would adopt progressive policies if it wins government on the 24th.

"Statements by Shadow Agriculture Minister Kerry O'Brien show the ALP would not even try to lead state governments toward a consensus on extending their GM food crop bans.Without national leadership and a uniform policy approach, the ALP's claim to be an honest broker on GM issues is meaningless."

The products of Genetic Manipulation technologies are dangerous to public health and the environment."Gene Ethics hopes that voters will consider our GM versus GM-free future, along with other key issues, when casting their votes this weekend," Mr Phelps concludes.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

the local greens candidates

Greens Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Yarra Ranges - me, Greens Lead Senate Candidate - Richard Di Natale and Greens Candidate for Latrobe - Bree Taylor in the main street of Belgrave

Now we're at the pointy end of the election campaign, less than a week to go, watch the major parties go the negative campaign with great deal of me-tooing along the way. However you'll see none of this from The Greens. The party who has been concerned since its inception about climate change and has always been concerned about long term sustainable solutions locally and globally.

Who are the local candidates?

Running as the Greens lead candidate for the Senate for Victoria is Richard Di Natale. I have met Richard on a number of occasions, he has taken the time to travel to the Dandenongs numerous times to listen to local concerns, he would be an outstanding senator for the people Victoria. So remember when you're filling out your senate ballot paper (the large white paper) put a '1' in column U to vote for the Greens in the Senate. If you want to find out more about Richard visit

Running for the electorate of Latrobe is Bree Taylor. Bree is passionate about the region, having grown up in Montrose she understands the sensitive environment of the Dandenongs. She is committed to tearing up WorkChoices legislation to bring fairness back into industrial relations, promoting energy efficiency measures and the utilisation of solar and other local renewable energy sources, advocating for federal assistance for an upgraded public transport system in the region and advocating for federal funding to improve the health of our National Parks and combat weed invasion. Bree is a great local candidate, remember to vote 1 for Bree on the House of Representatives Ballot paper (the smaller green one). For more info on Bree visit

Running for the electorate of Casey is Salore Craig. Salore has lived in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for over 30 years. She has a clear understanding of both national and local issues. Of great concern to Salore is the issues of climate change and water-management. She is a great believer in tackling these issues at both a grassroots community level and through policy change from federal government. Salore is another passionate Greens candidate, very switched on, remember to vote 1 for Salore on the House of Reps Ballot paper. Visit for more info on Salore.

Me and Greens Candidate for McEwen - Steve Meacher

Running in the electorate of McEwen is Steve Meacher. Steve is committed to implementing local solutions to climate change. Steve has been concerned about global warming for over twenty years and recently became a founding member of c4 (Communities Combating Climate Crisis) in Healesville and of the Eastern Region Climate Action Network. He's a great advocate for the Greens and you should vote 1 for Steve on the House of Reps ballot paper. If you want to know more about Steve visit

and if you're having trouble getting your head around the preferential voting system, this might help......

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the housing strategy - the dandenongs a no go zone

A big thank you to all who attended the community consultation session for the draft housing strategy at Burrinja (Upwey) last night. The resounding message from the community was, NO GO for the Dandenong Ranges.

Some of you thought that I was pro-developer (a spurious claim in one of our local papers), I can't say this more clearly I am NOT pro-developer and anyone who has studied my voting patterns in council would know this.

Some of you thought your Green councillor had changed her spots, I have done no such thing and continue to advocate for long term sustainable solutions for our Shire.

I can assure you that I will represent your views to council, I hear clearly what you are saying about the draft housing strategy proposal for Upwey, Tecoma, Belgrave and Monbulk. I understand the sensitive and beautiful nature of the environment we live in too, that's why I choose to live and raise my family here.

I can assure you I will be advocating to my fellow councillors that Tecoma and Belgrave (the towns I represent) should be withdrawn from the housing strategy. I will be ensuring that Cr Graham Warren (who represents Monbulk) is given a clear picture of community angst about the housing strategy proposal in Monbulk.

I urge you to write a submission, for more details visit

I have always been interested in your views, will always be interested in your views and that position has never changed. Be assured that the strategy is a work in progress, is not set in stone and your views are valuable.

It is my job as your community representative to make sure your views are advocated to council and I will be advocating your position of NO GO for the Dandenongs

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a day out at burrinja

The Greens were there....

Me with Greens Candidate for Latrobe, Bree Taylor

Bree is a great candidate for Latrobe, she is dedicated to protecting the unique environment of the Dandenong Ranges and surrounds. For more information about Bree email

The Sherbrooke Community School was there

The students with Bree Taylor outside Burrinja

Great to see young people taking an interest in democracy, politics and freedom of speech.

Peter Garrett, the Shadow Spokesperson for the Environment was there

A lot to say about the Great Barrier Reef, nothing to say about the Dandenongs.

No end to logging of native forests, but a strengthening of the EPBC Act.

Rodney Cocks, ALP candidate for Latrobe was there

No new announcements for the environment in Latrobe

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