Sunday, March 31, 2013

selbyfest goes wild

Hearty congratulations to the organisers of Selbyfest, it was wonderful to see so many locals come out to support what’s become a regular part of the hills festival calendar.

This year’s Selbyfest had everything we love about the festival and more. Tracey and Jeanene from Selby Community House played a central role in the coordination of the event and they did a great job.

Jeanene from Selby Community House played a key
role in the organisation of Selbyfest.

This year’s theme was Go Wild and the Minak Reserve was a fitting venue as one of the Shire’s highest biodiversity and conservation reserves. It was terrific to see local environmentalists run 30 minute walk and talks through the reserve as part of the event offerings available at Selbyfest.

The Youth Stage in the ampitheatre provided young bands with an opportunity to perform and Selbyfest tapped into the youth demographic with some great entertainment on offer throughout the day.

bev were one of the bands performing on the youth stage.

The house was a great venue for the vast array of singer songwriters we are blessed to have in the Hills.  Whilst the All Saints Church Selby Men’s Shed members provided great entertainment for the kids with a build and ride billy cart activity.

Food vendors were overrun and it was great to see the event supported by local businesses from Belgrave and Kallista along with Selby stalwarts, the Selby CFA, running the always popular sausage sizzle.

The oval provided performance space too for local artists, a funspace for the kids and a great location for the vast array of stallholders. 

The Fashion Parade has become a Selbyfest highlight, this year was no exception. It was wonderful to be able to MC the parade, I had great fun and I hope I did justice to the models and the local fashion emporiums showcasing their wares.

It is great to be part of a community that embraces participation and connection. It was wonderful to see the cooperation of many different groups throughout the hills, to make Selbyfest such a success. Once again I congratulate Selbyfest organisers, you did a great job.

The Belgrave Branch of the Bendigo Bank also contributed
to Selbyfest. I am proud to be able to support the event
through the Yarra Ranges Festival Grant program and my
community ward fund.

Local artist Glenn Scolyer, took to painting this van as
part of Selbyfest activities for the day.

Cr Samantha Dunn and Peter Cook, it was great to
see Peter there representing the Dandenong Ranges
Renewable Energy Association and have a yarn about
all things renewable energy. Click here for more
info on DRREA.

Selby Community House did a roaring trade in chai and
curry plates.

Voski von Muller models at the Fashion Parade, a great
local shop with every fashion need, you can find them on
The Wrapt Ya models gave a great performance, you can
find Wrapt Ya at local markets and festivals.

Hugs for Kids in Belgrave were a new addition to the
Fashion Parade, great kids fashion and
super cute too - you can check them out online here.


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Saturday, March 30, 2013

living healthy, living well? we want to know

Yarra Ranges Council is developing its 2013 – 2017 Health and Wellbeing Plan and we want to hear from you.

As part of our role in supporting the community lead a healthy life we have developed a health profile which has identifies a range of health issues across Yarra Ranges. These include diabetes and obesity, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, poor mental health, alcohol consumption, and smoking.  Many of Yarra Ranges’ health issues particularly impact young people.  

Demographic and infrastructure issues affecting the municipality include lack of access to health services, low levels of education, and socio-economic disadvantage having a major impact on several outer townships.  The costs of housing, transport and food have a particularly heavy impact on disadvantaged households across Yarra Ranges.  The available data indicates that many of these issues are getting worse over time. 

Council can support communities in many ways including through the provision of services, facilities and infrastructure like community hubs, parks and open space. Another key role for council is advocacy to state and federal government on the health needs of our community. We also work with service providers to response to community health needs and issues.  

Now is your chance to tell us what you think about healthy living in Yarra Ranges. Is there anything that concerns you about your health or the health of the community? Here’s your opportunity to tell us what you think.

Click here to participate in the online forum or call our Social Planning and Development Officer, Cathi Walker on 9294 6113 for more info.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

samantha in the press

Small town, big arches: Why one Australian town is fighting McDonald's
by Sarah Brown
29 Mar 2013

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Friday, March 22, 2013

thumbs down to mcdonalds in tecoma

Rachel Ward, writer, director and actress, says
thumbs down to McDonalds in Tecoma.
Rachel Ward is best know for roles in Against All Odds and The Thorn Birds and has been nominated twice for a Golden Globe Award. She now focuses her experience and knowledge of film making into writing and directing. As patron of the YWCA, Rachel has helped raise over $5million for various family support services and arts development programs. Good on you Rachel for saying thumbs down to McDonalds in Tecoma.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

thumbs down to mcdonalds in tecoma

Cr Simon Richardson, Mayor of the Byron Shire, says
"thumbs down" to McDonalds in Tecoma. Only last week
Byron Shire Councillors unanimously refused an application
by KFC to set up in Byron Bay. 

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my news on maccas

~ Plans have been submitted to reflect the changes made in conditions by the VCAT decision. I've queried some of those changes as they don't appear to be consistent with the VCAT decision which says "the blades on the north elevation to be a muted tone" and they currently appear on the plans as McDonalds Red.

~ No Construction Management Plan has been submitted to date, this will be required prior to works commencing on the site and is a condition of permit issued by VCAT.

~ Consent is required under the Building Act to demolish any buildings on the site. 
~ VicRoads have approved the 'functional layout plan' for Sandells Rd, but to date the Public Transport Corporation hasn't.
~ I've written to the Minister for Planning twice now, requesting a meeting to discuss the adequacy of the current planning scheme controls for drive through style convenience restaurants in the Dandenong Ranges. 
~ Council wrote to the Minister for Planning back in November with a series of follow up questions and clarifications following the feedback from the community meeting held in November, we're yet to get a response to that letter.

I was proud to be able to join with community members at
the No Maccas in Tecoma Rally.

I have no doubt that this development will have negative impacts on Tecoma and surrounds in many ways, that's why I put up a refusal motion back in October 2011, I haven't seen anything that would change my mind and am working to find planning scheme solutions to protect into the future what we love about the Dandenong Ranges.

Here's some pics from the recent No Maccas in Tecoma Rally, great attendance by community.

This is Robert Maxwell, very long term resident of Tecoma.
Robert has seen many changes in his 84 years and is
vehemently opposed to McDonalds in Tecoma.

Claire is passionate about seeing no
McDonalds in Tecoma, she presented
compelling traffic data to VCAT, all
to no avail in the minds of the VCAT members.

Kate has been instrumental in the campaign, providing
detailed advice to community members.



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Saturday, March 16, 2013

doncaster rail draft report

The Eastern Transport Coalition has welcomed the Doncaster Rail draft report’s recommendation that the best route for a new railway line would be along the Eastern Freeway, but questioned several of the report’s other findings.

ETC Chairperson, Cr Samantha Dunn said the centre median of the Eastern freeway had been reserved for a rail line when planning for the road was done in the 1970s and, as had been discovered by the Doncaster Rail Study team, was the preferred route for most local residents.

"However we are disappointed that the study recommended terminating the railway line at the Doncaster Park-and-Ride, rather than continuing it to Doncaster Hill," Cr Dunn said.

"The result is that the line will fail to capture the 10,000 residents around Doncaster Hill who would be within walking distance to the train. It will put more pressure on the Doncaster Park-and-Ride and do nothing to discourage car dependence in that area," she said.

"We are also disappointed that the report did not recommend a station at Burke Rd, which would have allowed integration with the number 72 Camberwell tram. Overall, we wanted to see a greater consideration for how the new rail line could integrate with other public transport and become a really viable alternative to car travel."

Cr Dunn said the ETC would also like to see detailed costings for the project.

According to the Doncaster Rail draft report, the 11km section along the Eastern Freeway between Victoria Park Station and Doncaster Park and Ride, with only three stations, has been estimated at between $3 - $5 billion.

In comparison, the 72 km Perth-Mandurah line in Western Australia was delivered for under $1.7 billion in 2007. This line has 11 stations, including two underground stations within the Perth CBD and a number of bridges over rivers and creeks.

Furthermore, a separate study commissioned last year by the Doncaster Rail Local Government Group, had found that a rail line long the Eastern Freeway, including a connection at the end to Parkville, could be delivered at a cost of between $840 million and $1.25 billion.

Cr Dunn also questioned the assertion in the draft report that an upgrade of the South Morang line was necessary before Doncaster Rail could be built.

"Certainly considerable investment needs to take place across the entire metropolitan rail network to accommodate future rail extensions, particularly the Melbourne metro rail tunnel," Cr Dunn said.

"However, claiming that upgrades are first necessary on the South Morang line is simply taking money from the Doncaster Rail project to solve other network deficiencies."

Cr Dunn said it was pleasing that the government has already committed funding for stage 2 of the study and said the ETC looked forward to it beginning as soon as possible, taking into account the feedback from this first part of the process.

The ETC is made up of seven eastern suburban councils, and represents the public transport needs of more than one million residents.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

samantha in the press

Some Belgrave and Selby residents could be waiting until 2018 to be connected to sewer network
by Emily Webb
Free Press Leader
13 Mar 2013

State Government accused of finding excuses to delay Rowville Rail Link after report release
by Laura Armitage and Tim Michell
Knox Leader
12 Mar 2013

No Monash Uni train station for at least a decade
by Daniel Tran
Monash Weekly
11 Mar 2013

“More buses” needed during Rowville Rail wait
by Matthew Crawford
The Next Station
10 Mar 2013

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

samantha in the press

This train leaving for Rowville ... one day
by Adam Carey
The Age

5 Mar 2013

No to cockies wanting crackers
by David Schout
Yarra Ranges Weekly
5 Mar 2013

Black Saturday: Extra time sought on planning approvals
by David Schout
Yarra Ranges Weekly
5 Mar 2013

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rowville rail report released

The Eastern Transport Coalition today welcomed the long-awaited final report into a Rowville Rail line and the Baillieu Government’s subsequent commitment to proceed with the second stage of the feasibility study.

ETC Chairperson, Cr Samantha Dunn said the State Government’s acknowledgement that a Rowville Rail line is feasible was an important step forward.

"Mr Baillieu has said that his government would now begin planning the future alignment of a Rowville rail line – that is great news and we look forward to seeing the details about how the project will now progress," Cr Dunn said.
"If the government is indeed serious about delivering a quality, integrated public transport system for Melbourne then it needs to commit funding, set timelines for work to begin, and secure land need for the project."

According to the report, a Rowville rail line could follow the central median of North Road and Wellington Road from Huntingdale to Stud Road, and then turn north to terminate at Stud Park. Four new stations would be provided at Monash University, Mulgrave, Waverley Park and Rowville.

The report also noted that planning and construction could take another 7-8 years, and would depend on other projects being completed including the Dandenong rail corridor upgrade and the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel.

There was also recognition that bus services would need to be increased to cope with current demand while planning for the train line continues.

Cr Dunn called on the State and Federal Governments to commit funding and work through the issues to get the line built as soon as possible.

"The project has already been in the too-hard basket for 40 years. Delaying further will only exacerbate costs, road congestion and land use issues," she said.

"The feasibility study showed that the community was overwhelmingly in favour of the rail line and the many positive benefits it would bring, particularly for those trying to access Monash University. We urge the Government to take the next step and get the railway line built."
The ETC is made up of seven eastern suburban councils, and represents the public transport needs of more than one million residents.

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